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Part of the "Mindful" collection.

The Symbolism: A single eye has been used for centuries as a symbol and talisman. An ever watchful eye. For this collection i was drawn to that idea of a watchful eye. But in my version this eye is a symbol of mindfulness. Of us being watchful over our lives. Taking not of what we do, what we say, and what we surround ourselves with.

Eyes are cast from sterling silver in my studio, 
-My initials and .925 brand the back of the pendant.

Notes on casting:
-All items in my shop that are cast, are cast by ME, in MY studio, from MY original molds, made from MY original hand fabricated designs.
Each piece and every piece still comes from my hands just with the aid of the lost wax casting method. 


- Earring measures 2 1/4" long, measured from top of earwire.
-Sterling silver Eyes
-Sterling silver earwires

***Necklace sold separately***

Silver eye dangle earrings - sterling silver -Be mindful collection

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